Large Viewing Window

Easy to Read

The large viewing window makes every measurement easy to read and highly accurate. The measurement displayed is from the tip of the blade to the back of the tape body.

Designed for Precision

Inside Measurements

Measure from base to tip. The base plate ensures your measurement is perpendicular to the measuring surface and the measurement is clearly displayed in the window using the Class 1 rated 25mm wide blade

Stable Base Plate

Free Standing

The baseplate not only ensures your measurements are perpendicular to the measuring surface but also allows the tape to stand unsupported with the tape extended

GATORTAPE Curtain Claw shown attached to curtain rail. Improving accuracy of curtain drop measurements

Curtain Claw Accessory

Curtain Drops

The Gatortape has a unique accessory that allows you to attach it to a curtain pole for easy and accurate curtain drop measurements


Enjoy the power of the GatorTape and experience the endless projects you can create.