How To Measure Curtains FLAWLESSLY!

How To Measure Curtains FLAWLESSLY!

Have you ever found yourself struggling to measure curtains? Awkwardly holding the tape measure and needing assistance? Here's the solution... the GatorTape with Claw Attachment to help you effortlessly measure curtains accurately.

How to Measure Curtains using the GatorTape and Claw Attachment:

Step 1: Order yourself a GatorTape & Claw Attachment

We have three different blade scales to choose from so pick the one that works for you - Dual Scale (Metric & Imperial), Metric and Imperial only.

The Claw will fit all of our three GatorTapes 

Step 2: Fit your curtain pole with rings 

The curtain pole should sit approximately 10cm above the top of the window with an over hang of approximately 10cm either side also. 

Once your pole is in place add on a minimum of two rings to hang the Claw.

Step 3: Clip your Claw onto the hook of your GatorTape

With the hooks facing forward (towards you) gently clip the claw onto the GatorTape hook and it will be attached securely 

Step 4: Attach to the curtain ring eyelets 

Hold the rings and guide the hook of the Claw into each eyelet. Ensure that the GatorTape is locked to prevent the blade extending. 

Step 5: Measure at your desired length 

Unlock the GatorTape and pull down to your desired length. This could be above the radiator or kissing the floor. 

Step 6: Check the length is correct at all points on the pole 

Hold the rings and slide them left and right across the pole. This means you can check your measurement for the whole width and adjust accordingly. 

For floor length curtains there may be discrepancies in the floor so measure at the tightest point. 

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