preparing to measure a window reveal for fitting blinds

How to Measure for Perfect Fit Blinds

If there was ever a reason to by a Gatortape, its to ensure that when you measure you do it quickly and accurately.

There is nothing worse than realising that you've made an error when measuring and having to let your customer know that there will be a delay.

The Gatortape sits flat against the glass (for both left and right handed people) and slides up and down the reveal so you can easily check for high and low spots, the baseplate sits flat against the bead so you know your measuring directly across the frame and the measurements are clearly displayed in the viewing window.

Whether your a Professional who hates a miss measure but wants to speed up the surveying process or DIYer who wants to make measuring easier then the Gatortape is for you

Have a look at the video below showing how quickly you can measure and install a Perfect Fit Blind


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